21 Aug Newsletter – July 2016

e-News – July 2016

Well, whatever the complete opposite to a ‘slow news’ month is, this is it!

The political and economic landscape is changing with increasing speed, after the electorate voted in favour of Leave in the EU Referendum at the end of June. Not a day goes by currently without another ‘unprecedented’ news story hitting the headlines and with the UK set to take some time over completing our ‘Brexit’, the situation seems destined to continue.

At least after the disappointment of the Euros for England, there has been some sporting success for the UK in July. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray for their ‘home turf’ victories this month.

With plenty more going on in the UK economy than is usual, we hope you find that our collection of articles this month continues to address your questions around personal finances, pensions, investments and the economy as a whole. We live in changing times, so please do get in touch with us directly if you wish to discuss any of these areas in more detail.



July Market Commentary

This time last month David Cameron was firmly in place as UK Prime Minister, facing the equally secure Jeremy Corbyn across the despatch box. Both of them were backing Remain in the forthcoming EU Referendum and – despite the occasional flurry of support for Leave – the UK looked set to stay a member of the European Community.

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The ‘money-gap’ generation
A recent survey has revealed that employees from all across the age spectrum have considerable gaps in their financial knowledge. Out of over 500 respondents, more than seven in ten of people from the generation X and millennials age groups did not have an understanding of pension investments. Additionally, 49% of those surveyed said that their preferred method of receiving financial advice was face to face.

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Three small lifestyle changes that can mean big savings

‘The Little Guide To Financial Admin’, a new publication about managing your personal expenditure, was published in May this year. The guide offers a variety of little changes you can make to your day-to-day life in order to make small savings here and there, the idea being that these will accumulate to a considerable pot of money over time. Read on to find out our three favourite ways to look after the pennies so that the pounds look after themselves.

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And finally…

Bad day at the office?…

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