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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorneys, Taxation & Trusts and some form of savings.
Note: ISA refers to an Individual Savings Account. LPA refers to Lasting Power of Attorney.

Life Assurance

Whether it’s for family protection or to cover your mortgage, there are a number of policies available to you.

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Convertible Term Assurance
House Insurance

Your house is often one of your biggest investments, and we aim to help you protect it. We provide advice on house insurance contracts and we believe we work with reputable external insurers.

Commercial Insurance

Managing the risks of a business is critical to it’s long term security and ultimately it’s success, but doing so effectively can be a time consuming and risky undertaking in itself. We believe we work with one of the leading brokers in the area to find risk solutions in sectors including wholesale, manufacture and construction.

In association with Goodmans Insurance Brokers Ringwood

Pensions & Investments

There are different types of investment. Each has its own level of risk but, basically, you take a risk with your money by investing in assets that could rise or fall in value. Investments are different from savings – they are typically designed for the longer term and involve different types of risk. For retirement, it’s never to early to start saving. We will explain the different types of pensions and how to get started. If you are nearing or in retirement find out how you may be able to get the most from your pension fund with the aim of boosting your income in retirement.

ISA Savings

Saving in an ISA means you do not have to pay any further tax on the income received within the ISA. There are two types of ISA: Cash / Stocks and Shares.
You can save in two separate ISAs in any one tax year: one cash ISA and one stocks and shares ISA. No tax is payable on capital gains arising on investments. Money can be taken out at any time (but some accounts have a notice period). The ISA does not have to be reported on a personal tax return.

You can now invest up to £15,240 in the current tax year into a New Individual Savings Account (NISA). You can invest this into stocks and shares, cash or a combination of the two up to a total of £15,240. You also benefit from being able to transfer from a stocks and shares account to a cash account and vice versa should your requirements or circumstances change. You can also have separate providers for both accounts.


We believe planning your Will with our sister company, Priory Will Services Limited is easy.
The majority of clients request a simple Will however we are also specialists in Estate Planning, Taxation and Business Wills.

Some people are aware that making a Will is something they should do but are unaware of the consequences if one is not in place. Currently more than 2 out of 3 people fail to protect their assets and family on death by not writing a Will. (source: BBC.co.uk 19 Oct 2011).


In the event that you can’t manage your own financial affairs due to accident or illness, the step of creating a Lasting Power of Attorney will potentially save time and money and will allow you to appoint those you trust to help at a time of need.


An Independent Financial Advisor can also advise on the use of various trust schemes which can be an efficient way of mitigating certain taxes, such as Inheritance Tax, as well as making sure that the right money is passed to the right people at the right time.

We may also be able to advise on the most appropriate type of trust in conjunction with your legal adviser and, if you already have a trust, then we may help minimise the amount of tax that is payable.